Why Choose Grow Financial Solutions?

Right from the beginning, you’ll find we’re not like the big guys in the financial lending sector. And nor do we ever want to be. You’ll never just be a name on a file to us… and that’s a promise.

Between us we’ve many years of successful banking and business experience so we’ve an acute awareness of what it takes to crunch the numbers in business. We’re equally committed to our non-commercial customers too, as home owners ourselves we understand how each dollar counts in a household budget.

Being a small and independent team means we’ve got the time and passion to offer all our clients a bespoke and personalised financial solutions service. Yes, we’ve got access to the same resources as larger firms but without the stress or you ever feeling like you’re being rushed out the door.

Read on below to see the easy and streamlined process for getting your financials sorted with us…

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Getting Your Ducks in a Row 
with Grow Financial Solutions

Our simple application process begins with these steps


Step 1: Talk to us about your ideas so we can discuss a range of available options with you

Make an appointment to see us, at a time and location convenient to you, and we’ll listen to what you’re wanting. Once we know more about you and your financial needs we can let you know of the solutions available and recommend a financial service or product we believe will best suit. We’re approachable and transparent so during this stage of working with you, we welcome all sorts of questions and queries.


Step 2: We’ll begin the finance application process

Years of experience in the financial sector means we’ve got insight into what information all lenders are seeking during the application process. We’ll help you gather the required documents and records and then work these into a compelling application that demonstrates your suitability and capacity.


Step 3: Finance is secured

There are never any silly questions when it comes to understanding your finances and if there’s anything you want to know during the time it takes for the paperwork to be processed, you’ll just need to ask. We’ll stick with you right through the application process until finance is secured and the deal is done.