There’s never been a better time to enter the housing market! Our access to a range of finance products means we’re able to do the leg work on your behalf and connect you with the best residential lending solution for your needs.

Owner Occupied

Maybe you’ve found the home of your dreams… or are you a growing family needing to upsize? If you’ve searched and found a property you’re wanting to live in, don’t risk missing out during a quick-selling market. Call us today to get the finance ball rolling.


The timing is perfect to consider life as a landlord and adding a rental property to your investment portfolio. With competitive investment interest rates and high rental demand, we’ll help you secure the best deal to get started with an investment property.

Refinance – Personal and SMSF

Are you making the most of the current low interest rates?  It’s quite possible you’re paying more than you need to for your personal or self managed super fund loan.  Talk to us about your refinancing options now!

Equity Release/Cashout

Are you looking to release equity in your property for future investment? Are you considering expanding your property portfolio, or even wanting to make home improvements? We can help release the equity in your home and get it working for you.

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Personal loans can be secured for nearly any purpose and Grow Financial Solutions will make the process simple and straightforward. We work with a range of lenders and can tailor a finance package just right for you.

Cars, Caravans and Motorbikes

Is your family growing and needing a bigger vehicle? Or is it just time for an upgrade, or change of pace and you are ready to take off and discover Australia in a new caravan. We will search for the best finance package so you drive away without stress and pressure.

Travel Loan

Needing time away but don’t quite have the funds to make it happen? A personal loan can be used to cover travel expenses and might just be the key to a much-needed getaway. Airfares, accommodation costs, sight seeing expenses or even new luggage and travel accessories… fund them all with a travel loan.

Debt Consolidation

You may be surprised just how much you could be saving each month by rolling your consumer debts into a single loan repayment. Grow Financial Solutions has a proven track record in debt consolidation and helping make your money work smarter not harder.

Home Improvements

Extending the mortgage might not be your best long term solution to getting some work done around the home. Chat with us to explore all your options as it’s possible a competitive personal loan may be the ideal solution for that deck, extension, kitchen renovation, pool or other home improvement goal.

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Ensure you’ve got all the necessary resources and equipment to keep your business competitive and profitable. Asset and equipment finance is a smart way to fund your business venture because it allows you to profit from your assets without the hassle of paying upfront costs.


Because business vehicles are a considerable outlay, financing them is a great way of spreading the cost over time. Talk with us today about your business vehicle needs and discover the financial and tax advantages a finance package can help with.

Agricultural Equipment

Our long-standing connection with the Sunshine Coast farming community gives us a solid understanding of the machinery and equipment required for your agricultural operation. We love helping farmers get the best out of their money so let’s chat about your equipment needs today.

Computers and Technology

In a computer-driven world, your business is undoubtedly reliant on technology and digital equipment. And we all understand the expense that can be incurred in keeping up to date with rapid changes in this area. We’ll help you finance new equipment and upgrades so that your business remains current and competitive.

Access Equipment and Machinery

Access equipment and machinery designed for the safe operation of your business can be expensive to purchase and maintain. If you’re ready to purchase new equipment, Call us today and we’ll help you secure the best cost-effective finance.

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Money is the life blood of any business. For your business to grow, you need more than just a successful product or service but also financial solutions that will allow for healthy cash flow and long-term profitability. Whether you need to support cash flow or purchase an office premises, Grow Financial Solutions are ready to help.

Cash Flow Assistance

We can secure short-term finance for your business if there is a cash flow gap. We’ve found this to be a popular option when a quick injection of money is needed, and there’s no time to wait on sales or other income generation. Talk to us today if this would benefit your business.

Inventory Finance

Inventory finance can give your business the chance to plan and gather stock for an anticipated upcoming busy season, expand your product line offerings or even release funds that are currently tied up in inventory. Contact us to see how this type of commercial loan can help your business thrive.

Operating Costs

Commercial lending is certainly an option if you need funds to cover day-to-day business expenses like rent, wages, and other operational costs during your slow season. We’re always here and ready to chat about the range of financial solutions available to businesses who require a cash-boost to keep them going and growing.

Business Debt Consolidation

Business consolidation finance can make life easier on any business owner who’s taken on multiple debts. We’ll help you consolidate all those debts under just one umbrella that’s much more manageable than dealing with multiple creditors at once. With favourable interest rates, it’s certainly an ideal time to consider this strategy. Call us today to get started.

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